Hi, my name is Elvis Strange and my measurements are: 46-38-42 on an average day

Elvis Strange grew up a small forlorn homeless child with aspirations of becoming an astronaut and a President one day. Unfortunately things have not worked out quite that well yet Oh wait, sorry, I was thinking about someone else anyways!

I am originally from the east coast, growing up in New York and New Jersey. I would have to guess my early appreciation of cars came from my father. I wouldnâ ¬!"t say my dad was a great mechanic, but he always loved cars and loved to drive 'em hard. Growing up I remember him pushing hard a late 60's Dart, a '72 Cutlass convertible, a '76 280z, an '85 911 (taught myself how to shift on this when my parents were out of town), and an '86 Supra. My dad always loved cool fast cars so naturally I developed this affection as well, much like Tiger following his lead.

I graduated from high school in Freehold, New Jersey. This was where I was on a first name basis with the Township Police and I learned how to handle a car and drive it hard. You can have the strongest and fastest car around, but without a competent driver, its just a good looking car that someone is going to drive too slow or crash. A good driver on the other hand knows how to handle a car, drive it hard and push it's limits while still respecting it's power. A driver like myself learns to feel a vehicle, and slowly makes love to it in the form of driving. You put me in a 5-ton truck or a 4 banger subcompact I am going to drive it just as hard and precise as my corvette.

When I was about 13 one of my best friends, Ellswoth, lived on a farm. And on this farm he had a shop, e-i-e-i-o. And in this shop he had some tools, e-i-e-i-o. And with these tools he taught me well, e-i-e-i-o. With a ratchet- ratchet here, and a hoist- hoist there, here a lift, there a compressor, everywhere were car parts. He taught me everything about working on cars, from rebuilding motors and transmissions, to paint and bodywork. My admiration for automobiles grew as we restored and worked on many muscle cars together. I loved it.

I also learned early how to drive and handle these wrecking machines before I had a license. We would take junk cars in the fields and play Dukes of Hazzard for real, racing them, jumping them and basically beating the piss out of them. But you wouldn't catch e dead in my Daisy Duke's. As we became legal, we moved onto more real venues, like with pavement and lights or snow-covered lots. We always pushed it hard! I credit those years with teaching me how a car handles and how to react and take control in adverse situations.

Back in the day I restored many old muscle cars, late as early as Camaros, Chevelles, El Caminos, Monte Carlos. My first car was a '73 Eldorado convertible (indy pace car). We worked that big bad 501 and actually got that thing to smoke the hell out of the front tires. My next car was a '71 Chevelle SS convertible. That's my baby, I still have it., although it has been off the road for several years.

I attended college in York, Pennsylvania and earned a degree in international marking and business management. Shortly after school I moved back to Jersey then eventually relocated to San Diego for a job in '94. Once there I restored a '54 Chrysler Imperial and used it as a daily driver. It sure was sweeeeeeet cruiser but I soon needed more reliability and something to drive long distances in for work. In '97 I happened upon a deal on a '90 Corvette and bought it. I was never was a Vette guy, but within a week I knew I'd always own one. It was nice to feel that raw power again, the adrenaline pulsating my veins as I jump on the accelerator, I was loving it.

I made my way up to LA in the late 90's and somehow ended up working on a film set. Here I found my calling. At this point I changed careers and jumped feet first into the film industry. I have been making my living as a Production Designer or Art Director in the entertainment industry ever since. This basically means I design and create the look and sets of films, tv shows, commercials, music videos and still shoots. I have been doing this for about 10 years and absolutely love it.

Generally I don't have a lot of free time, but when I do I am usually writing or playing music, and like a stripper to meth, tattoos are my close friend. Getting tattooed is how I relax and relieve stress after a job, then of course there is always partaking in plenty of sadistic sexual pleasures that can help out. Now I wouldn't say I am a party animal, I just live like a rock star. Underneath it all I am pretty much just a normal cat, I like to consider myself the responsible freak. I am comfortable in my own skin and I just like being me and looking the way I do. I enjoy being balls out with everything I do. Here I am, this is me, if you like it¦ fine, if you don't¦ whatever!

My teammate and plus 1, Steve McCabe, I met several years ago while filming a tv show I designed. He was part of my swing crew on this show. I liked the kid right away. He was good looking, smart witted, personable, responsible, an East Coaster, got it right the first time, could think on his feet and was mechanical by nature. I have brought him on several additional commercials since and as I get to know Steve better I notice our similar interests like cars, bikes, mechanics, tools, metal and so on. I always look forward to the jobs we get to work together on. He reminds me of myself in many ways, I think we reason things out in a similar manner. I enjoy his company and this is why I asked him to be my copilot for the Bullrun rally. He appreciates cars, knows how to work on and fix them, he takes risks, I didn't think he would get me lost and ultimately he is fun to be around and I know he's not afraid of my driving. Since doing the show I truly realize he is as sick a frack as me, I love it!

My name, Stephen, I grew up just outside Boston, MA in a town known for the shot heard around the world . My father was a contractor and my mother an artist. This surrounded me with tools and art. As a kid I started tinkering with just about anything mechanical I could get my dirty little paws on, bicycles, telephones, and power tools, whatever. I was sent to work young and learned my way around trucks and heavy equipment. By the time I was able to get my license I had driven a forklift, a bulldozer, and the family van. In high school I joined theatre because I was questioning my sexuality, I questioned why a straight guy would get into sports when he could get backrubs from cute actor girls. Made sense. I did not do much acting. I built scenery, ran the lights, rigged the gear and mouthed off to the drama teacher. I was good enough at it that the school turned a blind eye to my mischief  and allowed me to graduate. After high school I started working building theatre scenery and attended Harvard at night. I learned to professionally, fabricate, rig and drive a fully loaded truck in a crowded city. I bought a motorcycle and an old car and started doing my own mechanical work. I soon started fabricating my own parts and customizing my vehicles. I would go out late at night and use the city streets as my racetrack. I knew all the jumps and secluded roads as well as good places to pick up a quick drag race. I gave up quick on collage since I couldn t afford it and was already working in the entertainment industry. I eventually moved out of Boston and drove cross-country to California. I was in love. Beautiful beaches, roads and women. I lived in San Jose for a couple years and attempted a 9 to 5. I hated it and Moved to L.A. to get into film. I fit in just fine. I met Mr. Strange on the job. I came into work for a couple days for him after a friend said, you will love this guy . At first I pegged him as a vein, self-indulgent victim of rockstar syndrome. I was right but he is also an intelligent, cool, and caring. He is a master of his craft and takes care of his crew and his friends. We quickly became friends it is very rare I meet someone who is an amazing artist as well as incredibly mechanically capable. Elvis is a great guy and a great driver. When he asked my to be on his team I blushed. I know him and his crazy ass vette could win this race and look cool as hell doing it. We have always made a good team at work, and will kick ass in this rally.